Articles of the Month (AOTM) or Featured articles are articles that are so good that they should be featured on the Main Page. Doing so will cause many people to notice that article, as the Main Page is the first thing people see when they visit the site.


Articles must meet certain criteria. If it does not, then it cannot be featured.

The articleEdit

  • The article is in the ARTICLE namespace (also known as the mainspace). It cannot be a project page (RuneScape Community Wiki:), a template (Template:), a category (Category:), a user page (User:), a file (File:), a discussion page (Talk: or User/Template/MediaWiki/RuneScape Community Wiki talk:), or a software page (MediaWiki:). It also cannot be the main page itself. Any invalid nominations will be deleted.
  • The article is well written and informative.
  • The article's pictures look nice and are not scarce.
  • Overall, the article looks nice and is easy to read.


  • Nomination starts the month prior to the designated featured article month (for August, nomination is in July).
  • Voters are required to have been on the RuneScape Community Wiki for at least two weeks, and must have 50 edits excluding userpage, user talk page, and sandbox edits.
  • You cannot declare an article as an article of the month until the day before the month is over.
  • Users may support more than one candidate.

Past featured articlesEdit


How to list an articleEdit

  1. Put {{featured}} on the page you wish to be featured.
  2. Create an article at RuneScape Community Wiki:Article of the Month/Name of article replacing name of article with the name.
  3. On the page, place ===[[Name of article]]===, then your reason. Save.
  4. Come to this page (RuneScape Community Wiki:Article of the Month) and add {{RuneScape Community Wiki:Article of the Month/name of article}} at the bottom to finish the process.

After votingEdit

When the month is over, the following steps should be done:

  1. Remove {{featured}} from every nominated page.
  2. Near the bottom of the winning article, before the categories and templates, put {{featured article|<month year>}}. Month is the month that the article is featured, and year is the current year of the featuring.
  3. Create an archive called RuneScape Community Wiki:Article of the Month/archive#; replace # with the next increment from the previous archive. The archive for October 2009 will be number 39.
  4. Put {{archive}} at the top of the archive, then add {{subst:RuneScape Community Wiki:Article of the Month/name of nominated article}}, one for each article that was nominated that month. Then save the page.
  5. Add *[[RuneScape Community Wiki:Article of the Month/archive#|month]] - [[name of winning article]] to the above section.
  6. Delete all of the nominations in the Candidates section to allow the next month's nominating to take place.
  7. Administrators - Update the the featured article template with the new feature article.


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